FREE Patson Dzamara and Ocuppy Africa Unity Square Activits

By Dirk Frey

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On 8 and 9 June 2016 the police in Harare arrested 15 activitists who were holding a 16 day protest against corruption and mismanagement of the Zimbabwe at Africa Unity Square. 5 of them were charged with the robbery of $60, a fake robbery staged by police in civilian clothing. The other 10 were charged with Defeating or Obstructing the course of justice, a crime they apparently committed in trying to prevent the arrest of the first 5. It is clear that the main reason for their arrest is to prevent the growing movement of the #OccupyAfricaUnitySquare campaign.


On the 10 and 11 June 2016, the Harare magistrate court granted bail to the young activists. $1,000 each for the first 5 and $500 eaech for the 10. Only a portion of the bail money has been raised so far and resultantly 11 activists remained jailed at Harare Remand Prison and Chikurubi Maximum Security prison.


On 13 June, 30 more activists were arrested and will go to court in 2 days. Bail is expected to be at least $500 each but might even be $1,000. The bail is being set high to ensure they remained incarcerated and the protest weakens.

Total bail money that is outstanding so far is about $25,000


An appeal is being made for you to contribute however you can to free these activists. Contributions to this cause are being coordinated via Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR).


You can read initial reports of their arrest here:




Occupy Africa Unity Square is a group of citizen activists founded by Itai Dzamara in 2014. We believe in a non-violent, principled and Constitutional fight to liberate our country and her people from corruption and mismanagement. We believe it is our duty to carry on the struggle started by those in the Liberation War to accomplish and protect Zimbabwean freedom, albeit by different means.


We are engaged in an occupation of Africa Unity Square along with other groups under the #Tajamuka campaign. We believe in non-partisan collaborations, as no one group has a monopoly, and no one individual or group will fix Zimbabwe. Only the People of Zimbabwe will solve their own problems.

People involved in the project. Patson Dzamara, Obey Shava , Dirk Frey

Campaign Owner: Dirk Frey

Contact details:

Cellphone : +263774059140

Contact person: Dirk Frey

Facebook :

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