From Victims to Victors, Supporting cases management of sexual abuse

By Ekenia T Chifamba

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This campaign is crafted against a backdrop of an unfavourable socio-economic environment that has thrown the generality of the Zimbabwean people into socio – economic deprivation. Looking at the impact of this general socio-economic and even political challenges characterizing the country’s state of affairs it has been observed that the brunt of the impact is heavily tilted against the girl child and women in general. Economic insecurity has increased the vulnerability of girls due to overdependence to men as they are mostly the breadwinners. This has resulted in girls from disadvantaged and child headed households having to give in to sexual advances to survive or to fend for their families. Girls end up engaging in early sexual activities with married men ending up in child marriages or engage in child prostitution to eke out a living.

SYS will thus strengthen girls’ access to justice and focus on assisting victims of all forms of child abuse paying special attention to child sexual abuse and instil a culture of prevention as well as respect of human rights of girls. The campaign seeks to give girls light at the end of the tunnel by bringing perpetrators of rape to fair and firm sentencing that sees them given their requisite judgement and ensuring them that they are taken to place of safety. To achieve this SYS has a Victims Support and Community Development Department  which works round the clock in assisting girls in the reporting of child abuse cases, escorting them to hospitals, police and courts; provide them with counselling, institutional referrals and support systems. Often these cases are so sad that they are committed by close relatives and the organisation has limited resources to carry out extensive cases management.


  • To enable availability of support to girls at all times.
  • 24 hours emergency service to girls at risk who want to open up on abuse after awareness campaigns in communities through other programs.
  • To provide support and reassurance to help the victims integrate the experience of abuse knowing that they are not alone.

Specific detail of how the funds are going to be used. e.g. cost of goods.

Fuel and airtime for cases follow ups, home visits, reunification and rehabilitation, hospital escorts, police escorts, court escorts. Food for victims and officers who are volunteers during court procedures, hospital visits, and police visits. See break down below:

Fuel $450

Witnesses Transport $150


Subsistence for victims and officers $250

Names of people involved in the project:

Chakanetsa Ruzvidzo,Polite Munjoma,Dadirai Yakobi,Martha Nekati,FungaiRuguva and Nancy Tarumbwa

Name of Campaign owner : Ekenia Chifamba

Organisation : Shamwariyemwanasikana

Location  :   Chitungwiza

Contact details: 0772 607 384

Contact person : Ekenia Chifamba

 Twitter : @Shamwariyemwana

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