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Giving your word

Word12:18 is a program that Footprints is initiatiating  to help young disadvantaged Zimbabweans with tuition and other academic necessities that they need to complete the basic 12 to 18 years of education.

It is a crowd funded program where individuals give their word to assist the beneficiaries by donating money to help cover a student’s tuition and other academic necessities required complete a level of education. The beneficiaries also give their word to excel in their education. Our aim for 2016 is to raise at least $1, 500 for each level of education (Tertiary, Primary and Secondary).

Who qualifies for assistance?

The program is open to single or double orphan hardworking young Zimbabweans with above average academic results. Beneficiaries should live in households that have a total income of less than USD$500.

Our first beneficiary

Our first Word12:18 beneficiary is Tatenda Cynthia Chimwenye. She is an intelligent, hardworking focused

Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter

young lady who attained 9 points at A’ Level in 2014. She was recently accepted into Great Zimbabwe University to study a Degree in Sociology.

Currently Tatenda is a Footprints volunteer and she works at Mbare Musika as a vendor. Her mother makes a living as a part time domestic worker and cannot afford to pay for Tatenda to further her education. The total cost including tuition, accommodation, fees, travel, food and miscellaneous costs is $1, 500.

As a Footprints volunteer, Tatenda has been very instrumental in sourcing textbooks for the free extra lessons that we give through the “Sisonke!” program. She also very helpful in the preparations for the pilot project which we began in August 2015.

How can you get on board?

We are excited to invite you, to go down in history as a Word12:18 Launch Partner by helping us get the program off the ground. You become a Launch Partner by simply donating any sum of money between $5 and $50 or more to raise the first Word12:18   $1, 500.


Name of Campaign Owner – Sandiswe Bhule

Organisation – Footprints Community Trust Zimbabwe


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Footprints is an organisation that provides educational support, social support and networks for the disadvantaged youth of Zimbabwe. This is achieved through a variety of programs and activities to increase their chances of academic and professional success. After registering Footprints Community Trust we have managed to do the following:

  1. Life Skills Training - Encouraged the 17 Primary and High School students from Avondale to think ahead and plot their way to success. All of the sessions were life skills centred and geared towards topics such as Careers, Self-Realisation, Education and Puberty.
  2. Technovation Competition – Two teams of 3 girls each took part in the 2014 Technovation Challenge where they built mobile phone applications. This competition gave them a chance to explore the world of coding and showed them the business side of technology through the entrepreneurial training that they received.
  3. Robofest Competition – In 2014 a team of 9 Footprints members took part in a competition where they built robots to solve litter problems as well as design a project for environmental conservation. They built a robot that collected litter from a bin and put it in one place and designed a water purification system. The team not only had fun building a robot using Lego Mindstorms Kits, they learnt more about the connection between mechanics and coding
  4. “Sisonke!” Program – Starting from August 2015 we have been assisting young Zimbabweans of school going age with the resources, networks, educational support and social support that they need to increase their chances of success. Footprints was giving free extra lessons to 10 children, this number has now expanded to 31.
  5. Mumaoko Program – Exposes young Zimbabweans to various career opportunities and talents in an experiential and practical way. This program was piloted in November 2015 and we managed to get one young man in the program. At the moment we are working on growing it and we will put out applications for it in the second quarter of 2016.


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