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A wise woman once said, “If you are lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” I couldn’t help but reflect on these words on the evening of my graduation, having not only achieved my dream of attaining an Honours degree in Accountancy in the process also becoming Africa’s youngest ever graduate student. It has been a long and difficult road to get to this position, with the world at my feet and opportunities at my fingertips.

As I reminisced on my journey, I wondered whether a child today following in my footsteps would have a better chance at making it or would face the same heart-breaking odds as I did. As I looked into it further, I discovered that my former primary school, Hurudza Primary School, still has the same pole and corrugated iron classroom block that I learnt in. Hurudza is in the village area near Hunters Road, just outside Kwekwe. The children are still learning in composite classes, with the ECD class having to learn under a tree. There is inadequate furniture meaning the students have to kneel and write their exercises on the benches they sit on, just like I did.  There is a shortage of textbooks and stationery, no electricity, computers or library, no ECD play centre and the teachers’ accommodation facilities are cramped and inadequate.

Hurudza serves a catchment area of around 400 homesteads but due to the poor infrastructure and learning conditions at the school, parents in the surrounding area prefer to send their children to Connemara Prison School, some 8 kilometres away. Of the 67 students that do attend the school, many are demotivated and not eager to learn in such a non-conducive environment.

I have made it my mission to send the elevator back down to the young children and the community of Hurudza Primary School. I want to help upgrade the infrastructure at the school and improve the learning resources available to the pupils. Every child has a dream to be someone in life and I hope to help the children of Hurudza Primary School to follow and achieve theirs.

My name is Maud Chifamba and I am asking you to help me help Hurudza.

Help me raise funds to complete the classroom block they have been trying to build at the school but whose progress had stagnated for a year due to lack of funds. The rains are upon us and it is a race against time to complete the classroom before they do so the children have a proper structure to learn in and shelter them from the rain. I also want to provide an ECD PlayCentre to enhance the learning experience for the ECD class.

Target Amount: $7000

Use of Funds:

  • ECD Playcentre: $3500
    • Merry go round
    • Slides
    • Balancing beam
    • Climber
    • Swings
    • Double swing
    • Floating ladder
    • Tunnel swing
    • Tyre climbing
    • Fencing
  • Completion of 1*2 classroom block: $3500
    • Food and allowances for builders
    • Remaining bricks
    • Remaining cement
    • Planks

Campaign Organiser: Maud Chifamba

Contact Details:

  • +263 783 583 131/+263 771 768 408

Additional Fund Raising Activities:

  • Dinner at Meikles Hotel on 28 November 2016. The dinner will be the main fundraising activity to raise funds for the other critical needs at the school, including furniture, building of other classroom blocks, teacher’s accommodation upgrade, solar water pump and tuckshop order assistance. For more information, to purchase tickets or to donate towards this cause, reach us on the contact details provided.


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