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In 2012, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that “the greatest return comes from investing in girls and women. When they are educated, they drive development in their families, communities and nations.”
Traditionally, the beginning of menstruation in any African society was met with much joy not only from the young woman but the entire village. A collective effort went into making sure she was ready for this growth and change that her life was subject to. This fits well into the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, in this case a woman.
With time however, the ideals of societal unity, openness and Ubuntu have been eroded leaving a lot of young women totally unprepared- mentally and materially- to deal with not only their first period but every other successive period. Besides the physical horrors these young women have to endure ( follow the #RealPeriodAds trend on Twitter for a brief insight), most lack basic sanitation to tide them over. They resort to unsafe and demeaning alternatives during their menstrual cycle including cow dung. Additionally, most of these young women are not able to attend school during their menstruation meaning, ultimately, the nation suffers because the young girl is not empowered by education.
It does not have to be so.
We are a group of youths that realize that there are many misconceptions about menstruation which are often fatal and destructive. Society is proceeding on a complete misunderstanding of this beautiful phenomenon called menstruation which we seek to challenge. The horrors most young women face, the fear and stigma have to be addressed and that is what we seek to do. The stigma and prejudice are now so rooted in society deeply that only a conscious effort to disentangle them can save us. That is what we seek to do.
The first step towards achieving that is to arm the girl child with menstrual kits including sanitary pads, sanitary towels and pain medication. Only then will the confidence of these young women improve and not lose out on crucial aspects of life like school.

In light of that, we appeal to your assistance .

Nothing is too small or too big.

We seek to raise $2200 initially which will be used to purchase 110 cases of pads. Our initial distribution plan will be as follows.
Chihota: 1000
Mhondoro: 1300
Revelation Trust: 500
We will use a local manufacturing brand -Farai and the ogarnisation Girls R U will be responsible for the distribution at the beginning of school first Term 2017
Campaign Organiser: Pads
Contact details : Whatsapp Group –
Facebook: Pads Drive ZW
Twitter:  @PadsDriveZW

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