#WeAreZim 1000km Mega-marathon

By Kudakwashe Andrew Manjonjo

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Update 1

After covering 80Km from Kariba to Makuti.

Makuti 80km

The campaign 

The WeAreZim 1000km mega marathon is a marathon that will be run by a Zimbabwean, Kuda Manjonjo to raise $80 000 to create an entrepreneurship and education fund.

The marathon will be run from Kariba to Beitbridge in 30 days, meaning an average of about 40km per day with some rest days in between.





The fund has one simple vision, to finance the growth of SMEs in Zimbabwe with specific focus in the retail, education, manufacturing and agricultural industries of Zimbabwe with added emphasis for rural areas.

The fund will be run under a microfinance administered by ALDN Virtual College.

During the marathon, a documentary will be produced highlighting SMEs doing great work around Zimbabwe as well as the dire need for financing so as to grow our economy, increase employment and create a better, brighter Zimbabwe



Specific detail of how the funds are going to be used. eg cost of goods.

The funds will be used to finance MSME businesses involved in agriculture, retail and manufacturing businesses by establishing a micro-finance institution that will be a steward over the funds received. This will be done by providing low interest loans of between 3-5% annually to good businesses.

Loans will be given out on a client basis. To highlight the positive impact expected, $50 can buy a bee hive for honey producer, $30 is an education loan for a term in Zimbabwean rural areas.

Names of people involved in the project.

The marathon is being administered by Africa Learning and Development Network (ALDN), a trust that currently runs a tertiary college involved in educating and training individuals with relevant skills for the modern day Zimbabwe. The head of the project is Kudakwashe Manjonjo who is the Project Co-ordinator at ALDN.

ALDN is being supported by a number of businesses and organizations namely,

  • ALDN Virtual College.
  • Smart Business Inc.
  • National Vendors Association of Zimbabwe
  • National Bee-keepers Association (Zimbabwe).


Africa Learning and Development Network  – http://www.aldn.org/

Contact details

Kuda Manjonjo +263 771 536 451

ALDN Office- + 263 86 44136038








The question is why the need to establish an entrepreneurship fund?

One of the trainings and diplomas that ALDN offers is the diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Development. After six months of research in terms of designing this course to provide maximum value, we realised that one major hurdle that SMEs in Zimbabwe are facing is financing for their small businesses.

With the competitive advantage of having vast experience in training and educating, ALDN plans to offer entrepreneurship training as well as the loans to making their dreams a reality.

For more information on ALDN, please visit the website www.aldn.org

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