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Are there any start-up costs?

Setting up a campaign is for free.

 What are the transaction fees?

A detailed list of the platform fees is found here.

 Are contributions secured?

Contributions are very secure.Payments are processed by a third party payment processor. Paynow

 How do I setup my campaign on TSWANDA?     

It is a easy a ABC. Make sure you have all your campaign material ready.Go onto www.tswanda.co.zw  and click on Start A Campaign.

 What is Paynow?

Paynow is a payment gateway that processes CC payments on our behalf. They are an approved payment service provider.

 Why should I use Tswanda?

Fast efficient and convenient.

 What is Tswanda’s pricing structure?

A detailed list of the platform fees is found here.

What can I raise money for?

You can raise money for anything, as long as it is within the platform guidleines.School fees, trip to the amazon, medical costs, food etc.

How will I know if someone contributes?

As soon as a contribution is made an email notification is sent to the campaign administrator.

Who to contribute to?

Only contribute to campaigns you know & trust. When in doubt, don’t contribute or contact campaigner.

Where are projects from?

Each and every TSWANDA project is the independent creation of someone like you.

Where do backers come from?

In most cases, the majority of funding initially comes from the fans and friends of each project.

Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?

It’s the campaign creator’s responsibility to complete their project. Tswanda is not involved in the development of the campaigns themselves. Tswanda does not guarantee campaigns or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. On Tswanda, contributors(THE CROWD) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a campaign by whether they decide to fund.

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