We look forward to teaming up with people and organisations that share our passion and aspirations for successful and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Ways we can work together

Media – If you’ve seen campaigns you find interesting and that you would like to cover in your publication, we want to hear from you. We are always open to facilitating interviews and forming on-going partnerships with media organisations.

Projects – Do you work with charities, musicians, community groups or businesses that could benefit from crowdfunding? Get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can support them

Content – Do you have articles and content that would be useful, interesting and relevant to the Tswanda community? If you do we’d love to hear from you to be included in our blog.

Match – Matched Funds- Is a scheme we run for corporates that want to match and incentives certain campaigns that appeal to them. They also put your organisation’s support for projects and community groups into the spotlight.Your logo and a custome message will appear on every campaign you support.

Services  – Photography? Copywriting? Video editing? Something we haven’t even thought of yet?! If you have a skill or service you’d like to offer our community we are always looking for new ways to support their projects.